In just a few days thousands of people have downloaded and are on their way to being in the best shape of their lives using Bikini Burn. The reason Bikini Burn is so amazing is that it’s challenging. By the time you are done you are going to know you got a good workout. This isn’t some silly infomercial piece of workout equipment that will make you into a fitness model in 5 mins a day. This is one serious body shaping 30 day program. Just check out what some actual tumblr users are saying about the program after trying it out!

Just did the TumblrGym Bikini Burn Leg workout. I am positively bathing in sweat! ”

That was way more intense than I anticipated. This month should be fun!”

I just did the first day of bikini burn…HOLY S@#% IT BURNS”

I don’t know about you guys but that sounds like a workout program that I would want to do.

As always you can download the whole program 100% free here.

Also follow the tag #Bikini Burn to connect with other fitblrs doing the program.

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