So, I did it! I skipped one day because I was sick, there were two days I just honestly didn’t have the thirty minutes to exercise (and I was having a good hair day as you can see from my note!), and then one weekend I really wanted to do yoga instead. So it took almost an extra week. I can see a real difference in my butt. It’s still juicy but firmer and perkier. This workout cost 99 cents on tumblrgym. Now I’ll be doing yoga and trying belly dancing again. The one time I took a belly dancing class was a terrible experience so I’m trying a different place and hoping they will be nicer.

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Sore today, sore for 26 more days, strong after the bikini burn

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So I got that Bikini Burn HIIT Training program thing going around for 99 cent because, hey it’s 99 cent and it’s not like I’m gonna spend it on anything better…

And I have been slain. In 20 minutes.

If this thing doesn’t do a ton in the 30 days I’ll be surprised.

Can you tell me more about this ?

Sure! It’s basically four different HIIT workouts that you alternate (HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training just in case you didn’t know). The first day is legs, second is toned arms and abs, third is cardio, and the fourth day is two-piece abs.

As indicated in the name, it IS high intensity and in a couple of the workouts there’s a lot of high impact, like jumping and stuff so I wouldn’t recommend it for those with weak or previously injured knees. Neither would I recommend it to those JUST beginning their weightless adventure. Anyone else, though, should be fine (:

You do have to try. HARD. Especially if you’re like me and aren’t that muscularly developed. You will fall into a puddle of sweat once you’ve finished.

I haven’t stepped on the scale in a good while, so I don’t know whether or not I’ve lost much poundage, but I HAVE gained muscle somewhat noticeably. Well, I notice haha. Especially in my calves, they used to be rather squishy and now they’re much harder.

Due to having started back to school I haven’t been able to do the workouts every day, like the instructions say, neither have I finished the 30 days. Also, they don’t calculate in any rest days and rest days are fucking important, so I skip two days a week and just resume.

Idk maybe that helps you? Haha. Lemme know if you have specific questions (:



ok time to hit the shower

but MAN that was rough! haha ohgods I will NOT be able to walk tomorrow…