First day of bikini burn. I thought I was in shape. I was wrong. 😓



All. Day. Long.

Ok I just scrolled to the bottom of my “likes”. This is the first photo I ever liked on tumblr. It is over 3 years old.


Whos ready to start Bikini burn and HSGD for the month of September?! 



I took that first picture about a month and a half ago, when I was 202 pounds. I felt like I didn’t make much progress since I took it, so I took another photo this morning, weighing in at 185 pounds to compare and I couldn’t believe it.

Sometimes you can’t see a change. Don’t get discouraged, because if you’re putting in the work, there most likely is one.

Eat healthy, exercise and be happy.

That progress is amazing

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"Runners have an unspoken bond that’s unmatched in any other sport. We’re trusting of complete strangers. In every other group I’ve joined in my life, trust is earned gradually—it has to be proven. With most runners I’ve met, trust is assumed. We support each other immediately and without hesitation."

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