1. Sincerely, The Desire To Win -  A budding triathlete with experience in swimming. “ fitness is that it is a way of life. It shouldn’t be done to please anyone but yourself. And your fitness should be done your own way. You shouldn’t have to meet anyone else’s expectations for what your fitness should be in and what level you should be.”

2. Jini Fit - With her exceptional skills as an educator and motivator, Jini Cicerobrings 20 years of real-world experience online to intermediate and advanced athletes-breaking them through fitness plataeus to create the body of their dreams.

3.TrueStrength525 -  ” As far as percentages go, there is no, “40% training, 60% diet.” However, it is simply 100% training and 100% diet, each requires full dedication to achieve any sort of legendary status, and in the words of Vince Lombardi, “perfection is unattainable, but if we chase perfection, we will catch excellence.” “ 

4. Barbells and High Heels - “My blog is all about my recovery from a severe ED as well as anger management, and my journey to become an unstoppable machine. I am working on finding boxing lessons, and hope that I will one day be able to go pro … I am also passionate about eating healthy as well as giving advice for those who want to learn about recovery, who suffer with an ED, or those who just want to live a healthy lifestyle.”

5. Little Miss Nike - “I’ve been working and playing in the fitness industry for five years. I’m a certified personal trainer and karate instructor. I’ve written diet plans for body building competitors (males and females) - so I know quite a bit about nutrition, mostly through a lot of reading, as well as trial and error. :)”

6. Fierce Gym - “my tumblr is dedicated to FITNESS and more specifically what I find to be a neglected part of the fitness community - and that is LIFTING. I am still midway through my transformation journey, primarily because the goals I seek are high and difficult to achieve. I want visible muscle, not ‘slim’ body parts (though there is nothing wrong with wanting the latter). I don’t just want to look great in a pair of jeans, but in a competition bikini. Beyond my personal goals, my continuing goal for my tumblr is to combat the frequently perpetuated myths in the fitness community and encourage women of all shapes and sizes to break away from the machines and pick up a barbell!”

7. Live~love`laugh - “I’ve had a lot of struggles in my life over body image and way of eating the last years have radically changed me though and this is what I want to share with any person that follows me on here.I’ve made a great way into the peron I am today and i’d certainly love to help others to overcome their fitness related obstacles in any way”

8. Long Live the Healthy - “ I also am a runner, and have avid information and tips about running techniques and advice and such. I am very fervent towards this healthy lifestyle change and working out to change my body.  This whole fitblr community has changed my life - and my body - and I’m looking to help others accomplish the unthinkable on their journeys to a healthy and fit life”

9. Eat Sleep Sweat - “I have a BSc in exercise science, extensive experience as an athlete, sports coach, and trainer and my passion for helping others reach their fitness and health goals makes me a great resource that others can rely on to get the information they need. What I don’t know, I’m willing to find out and will ALWAYS give up-to-date information on research, techniques, and theories in the fitness and health world!” 

10. Healthy is Classy - “My weight loss experience taught me many things. As I said, losing weight is not easy, there are ups and downs, I hit plateau and binged but then I have learned many things from setbacks. Besides, I love and would love to learn more about health and wellness.”

11. Like Ladies Do - “I am a recovered/recovering anorexic.  I spent several years restricting my diet until I was under 100lbs.  When I endured severe trauma in my life, I spiraled out of control and began a period of bulimia and laxative addiction.  I spent so much time hating myself and my body, feeling uncomfortable in my own skin, and battling depression that to feel the way I do now due to fitness and nutrition is a testament to the reality that you are what you eat. I have struggled against the overwhelming urge to let a number on the scale dictate who I am, I’ve struggled against my mind, the mindset that in order to be beautiful I had to weigh a certain number, that I had to be skin and bones to be loved and wanted.  I have struggled against my metabolism, the way I screwed it up after I’d spent so many years eating less than 600 calories.  But here I am, happy and healthy.”

12. Brandan Schieppati - “Fitness saved my life as far as helping me deal with anxiety issues as well as making a decade of playing concerts every night , in my band Bleeding Through, easier. I opened my own gym Rise Above Fitness to share with others the importance of the journey of fitness.  I’ve been a personal trainer for four years and my gym has been open for two years. I’ve also come from dark places such as anxiety and E.D.’s and have overcome them. I hope to inspire the same strong will power in others.”

13. Satch: Back On Track - “Fitness is what you make of it. It sucks, it hurts, it takes time, it’s absolutely worth it. Fitness is a battle to ignore the unhealthy or less than healthy choices and go for the healthy and better choices. Fitness is a constant battle of self motivation. No one’s telling you to get up and get in shape and get healthy. No one’s telling you to buck up and go to the gym in the rain. ”

14. Getting Fit in ATX - “I was a competitive gymnast up until a year ago, I played club soccer, and I also played softball and ran track and field. Currently I am working on running a half-marathon and I lift weights. I can help others with their issues of being scared of bulking through lifting, as well as give advice on my previous experience with personal trainers and exercise regimens I have tried.”

15. Real Girls Lift Heavy - “anyone can accomplish their fitness goals, not just a select few. I believe that it requires hard work, pushing yourself, and stepping outside of your comfort zone. I believe that strength is genderless, and the most important goal a person should have in their fitness is to challenge themselves and improve.”

16. It’s the Skinny - “I am a nutrition (and chemistry) major at the University of Tennessee - I want to be a sports nutritionist. I run (and race!). I played varsity soccer, varsity track and cross country, and I did competitive cheerleading and tumbling. I do yoga once a week, and I weight lift at least once a week (usually twice a week).”

17. Clean Lifestyle - “Moving and being active is essential to a healthy lifestyle. I believe that our bodies were meant to move everyday. Everyone has different goals- whether that be to lose weight, gain muscle, or tone their muscle. These goals will determine what type of workout should be done and then what food to eat also comes into play. I believe in lifting heavy, crossfit, and have experience with that. But my main experience comes from ballet and pilates. I’ve been in an elite ballet program for years and dance between 2-6 hours a day.”

18. I’m Doing it for Me - “I’ve lost 30 lbs and 4 sizes over the last 6 months and have changed my life for the better.  When I started off losing weight I thought I was just going to get skinnier.  What I didn’t realize was the emotional toll losing weight was going to have on me.  I didn’t realize I was going to completely change inside and out.  I am not afraid to say, I am a different person.  I am a better person because I make better decisions for myself.  Not because I am skinner.  Because I drink less, I take pride in myself, I have confidence, I am strong.  It has been the most empowering experience of my life.”

19. She’s Always Running - “)I may only be 17 but I’ve been through a lot of fitness related issues in my life. I have been injured with shin splints, sprained ankles, dislocating hips and knee problems and each time have worked with my physio to get through them. As a health and p.e student I have learnt how the body works and how to maximize my potential through exercise/nutrition by learning how the body works I am able to understand why certain things occur in the body and work out (yeah, i work out!!) how to fix them.”

20. Gym Life - “Fitness is what I do for a living. I operate a personal training facility out of Nebraska. I manage 100+ clients face to face daily. I’m not a “certification box trainer” I have a Bachelor degree in Sports Fitness.”

21. This Yogini’s Place - “I myself have lost 80lbs by changing my deit and how I look at life. I am a registered yoga teacher throught yoga alliance, I have my fittness theory certification and I’m also a certified Core Strength Vinyasa yoga teacher. I was heavy most of my life and when I was in my early twenties I got very sick, to the point doctors were telling me they were sure that I had cancer ad didn’t have long. It all worked out in the end but I did have to change my life drastically to function. I changed and keep changing and have never looked back.”